The Book

Why should you read this book?

We are very fortunate that there is now a whole host of books covering branding from a wide range of perspectives, including advertising, design management, business and marketing. There are, however, only a few written from the designer’s perspective and no others that explore the complex practical creative processes involved in creating a brand.

This book has therefore two main aims. The first is to introduce you to the fundamentals of branding, a complex and fascinating area of visual communication that spans the practical skills and techniques of graphic design, as well as aspects of social and cultural theory. The second is to provide you with the creative tools – both theoretical and practical – that will enable you to tackle designing your own brands, from researching the target consumer to considering the name, as well as how to apply the final brand identity.

Chris Griffin

Founder - PI Global, CEO - Museum of Brands

"I really liked the book, it's such a fresh, comprehensive reference on how to do it for the creative industry. It summarised the best of everything I've learned over many years"

Who should read this book?

The book is designed to appeal to anyone who aspires to or works in this fascinating area of design. You may be a degree-level student looking for guidance and inspiration, or a lecturer sourcing course materials. This title will also benefit graduates and postgraduate students seeking insights into an industry that they are considering. Finally, the book also aims to appeal to design practitioners needing a refresher and companies embarking on commissioning a brand for the very first time.

Branding is a global phenomenon, with the growth of the discipline particularly evident in developing nations. For these emerging economic powers the importance of branding in helping to secure new markets for their products both at home and internationally is clearly understood. Therefore the book also aims to encompass issues of cultural design, with the intention of developing a wider international readership.